The Madness of Crowds
Released April 2009. UK Catalogue No: LNTNCD3

• The Madness of Crowds
• Reeds
• Exiled
• Now, Voyager
• The Procession
• Orkahaugr
• End of Faith

Total playing time: 51:26

The Pursuit of Illusion
Released April 2003. UK Catalogue No: LNTNCD1

Conscious speaker
The Pursuit of Illusion speaker
• Little Window
• Floating World
• A Bridge
Fragment speaker
Colour of the Door speaker

Total playing time: 54:47
To download MP3 samples, right click chosen track and select "save target as".

Exclusive Bonus track omitted from final release
• Dunmail Rise speaker
This CD is also available in the US, from Kinesis.


The Unseen Stream
Released April 1998. UK Catalogue No: 1091162

Wild Black Coast  speaker
• Sights
Air  speaker
The Yearl   speaker
Carousel  speaker
Tunnels  speaker
• Finlandia
• Death Of Rainbows

Total playing time: 47:41






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