'The Madness of Crowds'

  1. The Madness of Crowds      8.54
  2. Reeds      5.15
  3. Exiled      5.16
  4. Now, Voyager      9.13
  5. The Procession      3.14
  6. Orkahaugr      11.18
  7. End of Faith      8.16

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All Music Composed, arranged & Produced by Troy Donockley*
*Benedictus – Charles Gounod/ arr. Donockley.

“My love and gratitude to all of my dear friends who contributed to this work cannot be expressed in words, so I won’t try…”

Recorded at Warterworld Studios, East Yorkshire, UK
and various other locations.
Mixed at The Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire
Engineered by Ewan Davies
Cover Design, Photography and Layout by Tim Martindale
Album cover sculptures from “The Brutish Museum” by Alastair Dickson (photographed by Sean Tamblyn)
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skyemasters

Extra thanks go to :
Captain Stuart Ongley, Rob Ayling, John Kellogg at Jhana Music, Roger Bucknall at Fylde Guitars, Ian Jones, Roland UK, Andy, Lou & Munch at the Chapel, Brother John & Sister Cal, My Mad Dad and lovely laal Mam and, as always, my Girls Terri & Mia.

All tracks are copyright control 2009 Lantern Music.
p & c 2009 Troymusic/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

Cast: in order of appearance –

TROY DONOCKLEY: Uilleann Pipes, Low & High Whistles, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Mandolin, Percussion and voice.JOANNE HOGG: Voice


BRAD LANG: Double Bass & Fretless Bass

FRANK VAN ESSEN: Violins, Viola, Drums & Percussion




Harp: Lucy Muir - Oboe: Daniel Gregg - Clarinet: Peter Carter
Flute: Vita Dowd - Bassoon: Martin Vanderhoff

The words within “Now Voyager” come from the poem “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman and are recited by Tuomas Holopainen (Full Stanza)
And, with a line each –
John Butterworth, Caroline Hayden, Jonsu Salomaa, John Hayden, Karen Butterworth, Nick Holland, Barbara Dickson, Russell Field, Sue Lindley, Terri Donockley, Tim Martindale, Pete Zorn, Poppy, Archie Cookson, Trevor Leroyd, Ben Lindley, Bradders, Mia Donockley, Bryan Josh and Ike Maltby.



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