27th March 2017

A New project - 'AURI '

Things change. With Nightwish having a year off and everyone doing different things, my original plan to complete work on my latest solo music has been delightfully diverted. Back in 2011, I started working with my dear friend and truly unique singer Johanna Kurkela toward producing an album. Though that didn't quite work out due to record company conflicts ( artistic I must add), we vowed to "one of these days" continue; and sure enough it has finally happened, expanded into a trio by my dear, mighty, Nightwish Bandmate Tuomas Holopainen with his myriad keyboard visions. Its all extremely exciting and the music is sounding sublime. You can read the wonderfully 'over the top' press release here -   

Watch for the album release in March 2018...  



21st March 2015


Yes, the new Nightwish album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" is about to be launched; and us with it, for an almost two year long world tour. This is quite something as it takes in Wembley Arena in London for a show on 19th December 15'.  To say this is a big deal is an understatement. As a boy and budding musician, this venue had mythic status. Still does. For all info on Nightwish just head to the website. I do intend to work on my next album while out on tour and intend to record it in 2017...he says... 



Contributing to the music of friends is always a joy for me, and recently I did so on two new albums - "Haven" for my friends in the Epic US Band Kamelot ( due out in early May) and "Secrets of Angels" for my friends in the Epic UK Band "Karnataka" ( which is out now). Both sound superb and should be investigated.

 Oh yes, and if you are watching the latest Dreamworks animation "Penguins in Madagascar" with your kids, that is indeed me playing pipes and whistles! I also recently contributed to a Hans Zimmer project called "Tomorrowland" which was very interesting if you come across that.

Well that it. Hope you all have a splendid 2015.

Best as Ever





1st May 2014


I know. There is no excuse for such neglect of this site but actually, there IS an excuse...I have hardly been here to update it.

Without being a howling Bore, In 2013 I found myself doing a lot of touring. But the biggest event of the year was being invited to join my dear friends as a member of Nightwish. This I happily agreed to.  I'm ridiculously excited over possibilities and looking forward to working on the new album over the next 6 months. After this, we start a two-year-long world tour in the US next April, so there is truly no sleep ahead...However...



Having just returned from 3 brilliant weeks in Australia with our 'Big Fun Band'  it is time to tackle a whole pile of festivals, and a few isolated venue concerts, from May through to August. These are going to be really interesting for me and Ade because we have two new members in Tim Harries and Terl Bryant. These are old friends of mine ( they were with me in Iona) and the sonic splendour we have kicked up in rehearsals is really quite something. Do go to for details and tour dates.



In June I will be appearing as a guest on Steves next solo album, which is bound to be splendid. For those of you who dont know, Steve is one of the most distinctive and influential guitarists to ever come out of these Islands, and as a member of Genesis on all of their ( in my opinion) best albums, he was an influence on me too. So this is going to be massive fun....

There we have it for now. I AM working on new music to follow-up "The Madness of Crowds" in whatever shape and time I can muster. I havent abandoned my 'muse', its just a little slower due to the raging adventures pulling me to and fro. What a time. What a time...



2nd March 2013


What a glorious 2012. A full year of quite extraordinary concerts and adventures around the world with Nightwish. The carnival isn't over yet though - we have the Far East to come, and a whole rake of Festival shows throughout the summer. Do go and have a look at the dates on the official site or Facebook.


Yes its that time again. I am now preparing the new album for my dear friend Barbara and this one is a bit of a challenge. The songs of Gerry Rafferty. We have a great list of songs and it requires a serious left-of-field approach to deconstruct and rebuild something as Iconic as the likes of "Baker Street". But I am getting there...


We just couldn't let it lie. When something is such massive fun like this is we just HAD to return, so off we go again. We have an Australian tour in April and a Big UK tour in the Autumn. We have a great songlist for the new album but I won't spoil it by tipping them. The album should be out in the Summer.


Yes I have been asked by musical pals to contribute to two albums in production : The new Ayreon project from my mate in Holland Arjen Lucassen, which will of course be very interesting, and likewise my friend over in the Ozark Mountains, John Two Hawks. John is THE Native American American traditional Flute exponent, and whenever you see movies or TV where there is atmospheric flute while Indians dance about in slow motion or are being chased by the dastardly Cavalry, chances are its John. So thats it for now. My solo career ( my own music) has had to take a bit of a back seat nap with such intense activity, but I will "open the faucet" again as soon as possible. I promise... 


23rd July 2012


Yes, for everyone who likes the new fandangled method of getting music mysteriously transfered to their micropodufribulators, you can now download the new album "Messages" from itunes, Amazon & Play. You can also download all previous albums from Amazon & Play.


2nd December 2011


I am delighted to announce the arrival of this new compilation of my work. This is a collection of tracks from previous albums plus two new and unreleased pieces, and it is now available to purchase here at the site. It will be on general release early in the new year through the usual outlets. But not record shops. Because there arent any...sigh...

You can get an insight into each piece by clicking here



Our first farewell tour went brilliantly and we really went out with a boing at The sold-out Union Chapel in London. We have had a spectacular three years taking what started as a light "Big Fun Band" experiment ( with lots of musicians passing through in its development) into a serious Festival-Storming Power Trio. There is even a brewery brewing a Bad Shepherds Ale for this coming Christmas!! You really can say you have made it when that happens.  But all good things..blah..blah...

But who knows? Maybe a long spell away might fire it up again. Never say Never.



I have just returned from a week of rehearsals in Finland and it is going brilliantly. We are all really excited about the tour because the adventure takes us EVERYWHERE - from the Ukraine to the Americas and the Antipodes to India. We will be touring the UK in August I think, but I will post the tour dates asap. The new music "Imaginaerum" is now available and my brothers and sister have reached dizzy new heights with a real "game changing" album. I was at the launch in Helsinki and to see literally hundreds of fans queing around the block in the rain and at Midnight(!) was very touching. The album went double platinum that very day...Huzzah!



I have been invited to produce a new album for the Finnish singer Johanna - She is a very dear and close friend and has a sublime voice and spirit and I have been, for quite a while now, wanting to have a chance to place her in the kind of musical landscape befitting such an ethereal and pure personality. I am really excited by this and have already started writing and collecting music for it. Off to Finland again next week to get started. Wondrous times ahoy.


Well, thats it for now but here's wishing you all a Glorious Yuletide and Sublime New Year...






17th August 2011


As a little sample of what is to come ( see below in earlier news), I will be joining my splendid friend Gordon Giltrap for a special concert in the beautiful venue that is the Birmingham Town Hall. It will happen on Monday 10th October and I will be appearing as "special guest" for the second part of the show in celebration of Gordons "Shining Morn" album.                      For details and discount tickets go to



8th April 2011

Sorry everyone! I had such a ludicrously busy 2010 I didn’t have time to update the site but now, finally, here is the news….


I have just returned from an inspiring week in Finland working on the new Nightwish album “IMAGINARIUM”. I contributed Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistles, Bouzouki, Bodhrans and Backing Vocals to what I can only describe as a unique and Colossal work. A movie based on the concept and music will be going into production soon and I will have a cameo in it; the director hasn’t yet told me what form this will take, but hopefully I shall keep my dignity!I will be joining the band on the 2012 World Tour starting at the end of January, and running through the whole year. Tour dates will appear here soon…



Yes indeedy, we are making an album together this summer. For those who don’t know Gordon, he is not only a splendid man, but also one of the worlds Grand Masters of the Acoustic Guitar and the pair of us are very excited about what we may come up with. Hopefully we shall have it ready before the end of the Autumn. Watch this space.


The new album, which I arranged and produced for Barbara, is now available through Greentrax Records. I am deeply delighted with this music. We will be performing selections from it at a few festivals this summer with the glorious band - it is fiery and wild so do check out the tour dates.


This is another collaboration with my splendid old pal David Rohl who I worked with on his latest Mandalaband albums. David is also a respected Egyptologist and writer and we are both very interested in the subject of the Gods and their origins, so this is going to be an Orchestral concept album ( there, I said it ) and I shall be composing the music and David the words…more news on this further down the road….


The Bad Shepherds ( our Massive Big Fun Band ) have a new album recently released. It is called “By Hook or by Crook” and is available through Proper Records and the usual outlets. We will shortly be doing some shows in Ireland, but we are also gallivanting around the festivals again this summer, so do check out the tour dates…
And Finally….


A compilation of my music will be released this coming autumn. It will consist of tracks from my three solo albums and other unreleased music from over the years.
Well, thats it for now and here’s hoping you dive into a glorious summer. Off we go!


20th June 2010


Back to the 13th Century we go... 'Ironclad' is a major new film scheduled for release sometime this summer and is about the Knights Templar and the seige of Rochester Castle. It has a stellar cast and looks grungy and, er, very bloody. I played a load of Pipes and Low whistles on this score so watch out for it.



Chris While & Julie Matthews

I was recently invited to play pipes on the forthcoming album by this most wondrous pair of splendid old friends...Its a concept album and Julie described it as 'The Ben Hur of Folk Music'!!! The track I played on sure enough sounded deeply splendid....


27th January 2010

Surrounding Bose

Just returned from the US where 10 days were spent working on music I have written for my friends at the Hi-Fi company BOSE. This is to be used to promote the 5.1 surround quality of their gear. One piece in particular turned out wild and wonderful and I intend to put it on a "sampler" CD of my past work at the end of this year... if I get a chance (see below!)

Robin Hood

I have just finished a day in the splendid Abbey Road studios working on the new Ridley Scott epic movie 'Robin Hood' starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. A great time was had and I can tell you that Ridley is a sound bloke - which is always a relief when you meet one of your heroes!

The 'Big-Fun' band!

The Bad Shepherds have been nominated for a BBC Folk Award 2010 for 'Best Live Act'! The ceremony is on the 1st of Feb so watch this space. Also, watch the Bad Shepherds website for live dates this year as, up to now, we have 66 shows up to October!!

Classic Rock Society Award

I am delighted to report that I was voted 'Best Roots Musician' at this years 'CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY' awards evening. Unfortunately I couldnt be at the ceremony, but thanks to everyone who voted.

New Barbara Dickson Album

I will be arranging and producing a third album for Barbara Dickson (this year We have put together a setlist of mailnly traditional songs and it will be cut from the same luxurious cloth as the previous two albums. And as usual at this time of year, I will be out on tour through February/March with Barbara and the Band.

Recent Sessions

I Recently played pipes on the new album by Karnataka which I believe is now available from I havent heard it all yet but it was excellent. Also, played on the new Christina Booth (vocalist from band Magenta) solo album which is to be released later this year. Again, great stuff...


2nd December 2009

Bad Shepherds Nominated for Best Live Band!

The Bad Shepherds have been nominated for 'Best Live Act' in the 2009 BBC Folk Awards! The Awards take place on Monday 1st February. For more details see the BBC Folk website.


24th June 2009

'The Madness of Crowds' - Official Release Date

The new album "The Madness of Crowds" is to be finally on general release on the 27th July into shops, and Amazon. The same applies to our American friends through Jhana music - and into Europe and the rest of the world shortly after. Of course, the album is available from this site NOW

First Reviews

The first reviews of the album are trickling in and can be read here. A recent interview with Troy for the Dutch music magazine "IO Pages" can also be found there.


After being a member for 14 years, Troy has left the band Iona - "I have had a wonderful time with my friends in Iona and am very, very proud of the albums we made together. But, as in all life, things change. After extended periods of no activity we have found ourselves with a very different musical and philosophical direction. We have parted as great friends should, with a sad-happiness and I wish the band all the very best wishes for the future".

The Bad Shpeherds CD

After much anticipation, the new album by the new band "The Bad Shepherds" ( formed by Troy with Ade Edmondson) is available! It has been getting rave reviews and can be purchased from the shop at the website and at the live shows - the dates for which can be seen here.


Troy has appeared on the recently released concept album by Eureka, a project created by Frank Bossert based on the Shackleton adventure called,appropriately, "Shackletons Voyage". Troy played on the splendid track "Departure" and for more details check out the website -


9th April 2009

'The Madness of Crowds' - Now Shipping!!

The most important event of the year is the release of "The Madness of Crowds" - 6 years in the making. The album is NOW AVAILABLE and the first copies have been shipped. The first few thousand are strictly collectors items - hand constructed and a package of rare beauty. When these are gone, the album will be available as a standard digi-pack. The album is available only from this website for the first month and then, on the 11th of May, it will be released to the usual outlets through 'Voiceprint'. Downloads will be available from 'Jhana Music' at the same time.

More Nightwish

Troy is featured on the new album by his splendid friends, "Nightwish"....this is a live recording and is called "Made in Hong Kong...and other places". Troy plays on two tracks recorded at the first live appearance with the band in the London Astoria.

.....and The Bad Shpeherds

Also due for release at any moment is the new Bad Shepherds album "Yan, Tyan, Tethera, Methera!" ( this means one, two, three, four in old Celtic Cumbrian language ). This is the first release from the new "Big Fun folk band" project formed by Ade Edmondson, Troy and Troys mate Maart. The band is playing at a multitude of festivals this year. For more details on this check out the concert page and for more info in general on the shepherds, go to -


1st April 2009

'The Madness of Crowds' - starts shipping on April 9th!!

It is now 2009 and welcome to this wonderful new site designed and built by my splendid friend, Tim. He has also designed the cover for the new album ' The Madness of Crowds'...and yes.. finally it is done! It is now available to pre-order from this site and will only be available HERE for the first month of its life (shipping starts on Thursday the 9th April!). The album package is completely 'custom built' by hand, is very beautiful, and totally unique! It has proven too elaborate to mass produce in a factory and as a result, the first 5,000 will be seen as collectors pieces.

I will be doing lots of interviews over the coming months so watch out for those and there are some 'online only' album notes available HERE exclusively.

I am currently touring Europe, then on to the States, as special guest of my friends "Nightwish". It is a spectacular show, so if you get the chance....

And then when I get home, it is into rehearsals with our new band "The Bad Shepherds" and out we go to perform at LOTS of summer festivals!

Quite a year...

With all the very best to all



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