The Pursuit of Illusion

Released April 2003. UK Catalogue No: LNTNCD1

Troy's latest album, 'The Pursuit of Illusion' is a natural progression from 'The Unseen Stream. Impossible to categorise, the album is an exquisite mix of influences as diverse as, the English Classical tradition, Celtic Folk and Progresive Rock. The album has been released on Troy's own record label, 'Lantern Music'.

The title of the album is actually the name of a piece of music on the album and was penned by Troy's friend Professor Edwin Dawes who is a world authority on the History of Magic and writer of numerous books on the subject. He is also President of the 'Magicians Circle', into which Troy recently initiated!

Troy has provided a description of each piece of music along with some extensive and fascinating notes on the completion of the album:

"My new album is called 'The Pursuit of Illusion' and I could write a book on the 'making of...'. Suffice to say, huge effort has gone into its construction. What has been brilliant is the support I have been given by all my friends, and it has been wonderful to have some repeat offenders from 'The Unseen Stream'. The album has 7 pieces:"


1. Conscious: (4.58)
"Can't describe this one to you I'm afraid! It's a secret..."
York Cantores Choir
Chris Redgate: Oboe
Neil Drinkwater: Grand Piano
William Schofield: Cello
Duncan Rayson: Organ
Troy: Low Whistles, Voice, Portuguese Mandola, Keyboards
Terl Bryant: Percussion

2. The Pursuit of Illusion: (8.41)
"This features Joanne (an astounding performance!) and the glorious Emperor String Quartet. It is inspired by the story of Chung Ling Soo, the Magician who died while performing 'The bullet-catching trick'."
'The Emperor String Quartet': Martin Burgess - Violin; Clare Hayes - Violin; Fiona Bonds - Viola; William Schofield - Cello
Joanne Hogg: Voice
Neil Drinkwater: Grand Piano
Troy: Voice, Low Whistles, Keyboards
Terl Bryant: Percussion
Nick Beggs:Chapman Stick


The Veil is Down
There is something to be seen but I'm not seeing it
All the gold in your uncharted land
I'm not seeing it, seeing it.

With gestures and signs
Effortless I glide to my childhood
To the ballroom...
Where ghosts would waltz in mirrors like your own
I can see them

Look up, look up, look up
with the purest entry wound
Your body, your body, it falls
And becomes the cabinet....

There is no room for danger in this painted limelight
On this night...
You catch the sun, and spinning with applause you try to hide it
I see you hide it.

Look up, look up, look up
With the purest entry wound
Your body, your body it falls
And becomes the cabinet of camphor
Of camphor and magnesium
Of incense and flowers
Of Tarot, of Tarot and smoke
And the innocent incantation
The pursuit of illusion.

March 23, 1918. 'The Wood Green Empire Theatre', London: At the height of the Great War, a fatal shot was fired in the name of Magic. The Master Magician, Chung Ling Soo, king of the famous 'Bullet Catching act', would perform the feat for the last time....

3. Little Window: (4.02)
"Can't describe this one either. Isolation I think! but it features an Oboe (the amazing Chris Redgate) and electric guitar duet. It also features wonderful Piano playing from Neil Drinkwater."
Neil Drinkwater: Grand Piano
Chris Redgate: Oboe
Troy: Guitar
Terl Bryant: Percussion

4. Floating World: (10.26)
"Ah! this is inspired by something I discovered on my last trip to Japan. In the 17th-18th Century, Tokyo had a community of Artists, Musicians, and Poets who had a 'village' of boats/platforms off the coast where the authorities couldn't touch them. Basically, they were free to do as they liked so Sake, Opium and courtesans were naturally high on the agenda! This features my old friends Andy Duncan, Terl Bryant and Nick Beggs. It also has some incredible violin improvisations (all one take) by the legendary Peter Knight, virtuoso of Steeleye Span."
Troy: Harmonium, Low Whistles, Keyboards, Guitar. Voice
Peter Knight: Violin and Bass Violin
Joanne Hogg: Voice
Nick Beggs: Chapman Stick
Andy Duncan: Darabuka, Tibetan Drum, Voice
Terl Bryant: Drums & Percussion

5. A Bridge: (1.50)
Troy: Tin Whistles, Atmospheres, Percussion

6. Fragment: (4.27)
"This features the choir 'York Cantores' and another wonder-vocal from Jo. This is a section of one of the 'Communions' found in one of the "lost scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood" translated from the Aramaic by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely."
York Cantores Choir
Joanne Hogg: Solo Voice
The Emperor String Quartet
Duncan Rayson: Organ Pedals
Troy: Percussion
Terl Bryant: Percussion


For Lo, the eternal and sovereign luminous space
Where rule the unnumbered stars
Is the air we breathe in
And the air we breath out
And in the moment....

Angel of air
Enter deep within me
As the swallow plummets from the sky
So that I may know the secrets of the wind
And the music of the stars

From 'The Unknown books of the Essenes' Translated from the original Aramaic Texts by Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Words reproduced with the kindest permission of Norma Bordeaux Szekely

7. The Colour of the Door part 1: (2.12)

8. The Colour of the Door part 2: (18.43)
"Can't describe any of this! You will just have to go in and see what happens to you!! It is over 20mins long and features everyone........."
The Emperor String Quartet
York Cantores Choir
Duncan Rayson: Organ
Chris Redgate: Oboe
Neil Drinkwater: Grand Piano
Troy: Uilleann Pipes. Low Whistles, Tin Whistles
Terl Bryant: Drums & Percussion
Andy Duncan: Darabuka


Time rushes forward,
through night-scented cities......

"So that's it. I must mention the beautiful artwork photography by Pete Hopkins. I intend to do some limited edition prints of the extraordinary "Eye" on the front cover, for those interested. Watch this space."

Notes and photos about the making of 'Pursuit of Illusion"

'The Pursuit of Illusion' is available to buy from Troy's Web-Shop!

The album is also available from various online shops ie. and Kinesis. So come on, there's absolutely no excuses now for not purchasing the best album this side of the millennium.....

You still need persuading? Click here to hear a few snippets. You will not be disappointed!


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